This year we went to TSA which means the Technology Student Association in Des Moines Iowa. It was a great experience and I think that everybody should get the chance to go and participate.

This is our  eleventh year in a row that we were chapter champ. Before we go to Des Moines we have different rotations that we have to go through.

Some of them include Digital Photography, Promotional Pin Design, Structural Engineering and there are a lot more.

I only participated in three events. They included Promotional Design where we got to design a pin of Iowa, Structural Engineering where a partner and I built a beam out of wood, and also a Community Service Video where we got to  have a group of a couple people and we make a video about the American Cancer Society and what we did to raise money for them.


Genius Hour April 5, 2013

In this genius hour Madi and I were going to finish making our pillow but we did not have all of the supplies that we needed.

I had to think of something different to do. I decided to make a beam for TSA. I finally got all of my measurements right which I am very happy about.

TSA stands for Technology Student Association. The whole junior high goes to it and it is really fun. This year I am making a pin of Iowa and making a beam out of wood. The beam measurements have to be exact of else you could get disqualified.

I had a fun genius hour and next time I hope to tell you about the pillow that I finished!


Philip Gans

Philip Gans is a Holocaust survivor. The junior high kids went to Remsen to hear Philip Gans speak about what it was like during the holocaust.

Philip was born in Amsteram, Holland on January 23, 1928. He went into hiding in August 1942 until July 1943. He was arrested by the Nazis the evening of July 24, 1943, his father’s birthday. He was only fifteen years old at that time.

He went to a detention camp in Westbork, Holland from July 28 until August 24, 1943.

After that he went to concentration camps from August 27, 1943 until January 18, 1945. From then on his name was no longer Philip Gans but No. 139755, which is tattooed on his left forearm.

Death march from April, 16th through April 23rd. On April 23rd the American Army liberated him.

Here is and amazing video about Philip Gans story.

Sewing with Madi in March

This genius hour Madi and I decided that we should sew something awesome! We decided on making a pillow. It is not done yet but in the next couple of genius hours we plan to finish it.

I have learned many new things about sewing. I have kind of learned how to use the machine. I am still not very good at it, but I am learning. Something else that I have learned is how to sew many of fabric pieces together evenly.



To This Day

In Mrs. Krebs class we watched a video about bullying. It was a very great video that I think sent a very good message to us about the hurtfulness bullying can cause. It is called To This Day by Shane Koycan.


In religion class our assignment was to choose a scripture verse where Jesus was talking and letting us know how we can follow him. I choose a verse that I thought we could all learn something from and everybody should always be worshiping God. The scripture verse that I choose was this:

Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve only Him!”

This verse comes from Luke 4:8 in the bible. Jesus said this during the time that He was in the desert for forty days and the Devil was trying to tempt him into following him but Jesus said that He would only ever serve God.

This verse means that Jesus choose God and no matter what the Devil try’s to tempt us with we should always be as strong as Jesus was and say no. I thought that this verse was good because we are in the season of Lent now and we should always be focusing on ways that we can serve God and say no to the Devil.

I choose to draw people serving food to the hungry because in our community there are a lot of hungry people and the people that are getting plenty of food should be helping them out because that is what God would want us to do.

Dear Jesus,

Please help us to be more like you in the choices that we have to make. Help us to fulfill our Lenten promises and always say no to what the Devil asks of us and say yes to you.


Genius Hourrrrrr:)

This genius hour we changed up our groups so that we could do something different. I was with Madi and she taught me how to sew. It was really good to learn. We made a apron and even though it may not have been the best I learned something new. Genius hour has taught me how to learn things that I really enjoy.

Genius Hour

In this genius hour it was hard to think of what to do. Then a couple friends and I decided that we wanted to do something with painting our nails. We thought that it would be cool if we could tie die our nails.

So we took a styrofoam cup and filled it with water. Then we took our fingers and wrapped them up in tape leaving our fingernails out. Then we took three different colors of nail polish and put one little drop of each into the water. Then we took our nails and dipped it into the water. After that we took a toothpick and it gathered up all of the excess nail polish. After that we repeated the process until all of our nails were done. Once they are all done remove the tape and let your fingers dry.

We still had about half of an hour left so we decided that it would be cool if we could take words out of a newspaper and copy them onto our  nails.

First we had to find some rubbing alcohol and some newspaper. Then we painted our fingernails a light color and let them dry. After  that we put each nail into the rubbing alcohol and immediately put the newspaper on top. They ended up being really cool and a really fun genius hour.


Earlier today we went to another school to play bingo with the senior citizens. We had many prizes for the winners.Also, there was coffee, donuts, and juice for everyone. We all enjoyed it.

Then, the students went to the gym to play basketball. We had fun playing games when we were not busy helping out with bingo. It was a very fun morning and we hope that we can do it again soon.

By Paige and Sierra

Genius Hour

Genius hour is when we get to learn about things that are interesting to us instead of having to learn about things that we don’t care about and then taking a test on it.

It is important to have genius hour because we get to express our creativity. If we didn’t have it we would be bored a lot of the time and genius hour is really fun.

When doing genius hour don’t do something that you don’t want to do. You should always do something that interests you.