Genius Hour Proposal

For genius hour this year I was thinking of things that are interesting to me. I found out that I have an interest in bullying. Many people have problems with other people bullying them. I don’t think that that is right and I think that even those who are just bystanders are also bullying. I know that it takes a lot to stand up to someone but when someone else is hurting because of it that is not right and you should say something.

When an adult asks you or tells you things about people being bullied you usually just sit there and think to yourself “That’s not me. I am not a bully so why does it seem like people are always wanting to say things to me about it?” The truth is that most of us are bullies. How many of us have just stood by and watched someone getting made fun of or laughed at something mean someone said to someone else. Or when your friend is talking about someone and you just stand there and say nothing. These are both examples of bullies.

If you are truly not a bully than you would stand up for those people and help them instead of standing by and watching. So this genius hour a couple friends and I are going to show people that bullying is NOT okay by making a video. Be a buddy, NOT a bully!!!

One thought on “Genius Hour Proposal

  1. Paige, how are you going to go about this? I’ve got a book to share with you – it’s called “Dear Bully,” and it has many nonfiction stories about bullying from many people. Some of it’s difficult to read, and some really stick with you. When you are presenting, make sure you remember your passion, and relay that to others. It can be contagious!

    Good luck, and please share on your blog how everything went! Thank you!

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