Barn Quilt

Rules To Follow To Make A Barn Quilt

1. Sand the edges of the board.

2. Make all your measurements.

3. Pick the colors that you want to use.

4. Put painter’s tape on your lines.

5. Paint your border.

6. Paint your background.

7. Put painter’s tape on your design

8. Paint your design. Put  your dark color on first.

Tebow Time:)

Dear Tim Tebow,

My name is Paige. I am a seventh grader from northwest Iowa.

In class today we were reading a story about you. It was about how you help people before and after every game. I think that it would take an extremely great person to do that. You stand out from a lot of other football players. You don’t care so much about winning the game but about helping those who need it. You are always focused on what matters.

I look up to you because not many people would take the time out of their lives to help others.I am sure that the people that you have helped appreciate what you have done very  much. Without you they would not get to experience that.


10 Things!!!

10 Things That I Hope To Accomplish In 2012

1.Finish seventh grade

2.Play more basketball

3.Get straight A on my report card

4.Go to eighth grade

5.Play more softball

6.Play more volleyball

7.Celebrate my fourteenth birthday

8.Get my learners permit

9.Hang out more with my friends

10.Go in an airplane